Wellness is in reach. Experience the healing benefits of the far infrared sauna.

Come experience the Sunlighten far infrared sauna as an add on to a massage, Radio Frequency Body Contouring treatment, after a workout or as a stand alone health benefit.

Sweating is the body's natural way to heal and stay healthy. Infrared sauna therapy is beneficial for natural healing and prevention because of its ability to penetrate human tissue resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat. It is know to assist with detoxification, immunity, weight loss, heart health, muscle recovery, weight management, and relaxation. Many sauna users experience relief from conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and neck/back pain because it warms and relaxes joints and muscle tissue.

Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for all living things. It is the same heat used in hospitals to warm premature babies. SoloCarbon heating technology, found exclusively in our Amplify sauna from Sunlighten, is the most proven, effective far infrared heater on the market. Combined with the full spectrum heaters included in the Amplify, this sauna session gives you the benefits of all three infrared wavelengths: near, mid and far.