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Hair Removal Services

Waxing  & Laser Hair Removal

Waxing is a temporary hair removal method that removes the hair from its root. Regrowth does not occur in the treated area for three to eight weeks. Waxing is a great alternative to shaving and other more expensive hair removal methods.  Pampered Bodies uses the NuFree System which is recommended by dermatologists. This system utilizes a soy based product offering superior results.

Laser hair removal services provide a more permanent removal of body hair than waxing or shaving. It usually requires a series of treatments to achieve permanent results. Try this innovative technology if you are ready to permanently say goodbye to that pesky, unwanted body hair.

Laser Hair Removal

Please inquire about other areas of the body for hair removal pricing.
  • Upperlip-45
  • Chin-58
  • Face-100
  • Face & Neck-140
  • Bikini Line-110
  • Brazilian-140  Extended Brazilian-170
  • Underarms-100
  • Full Arms-200  Half Arms-110
  • Half Legs-225

Service time varies depending on the body area. Minimum appt time is 15 minutes but can last longer for larger areas. 


  • Arm Wax Half-50   Full-80
  • Back Wax-90
  • Bikini Wax-55
  • Brazilian-75   Extended Brazilian-85
  • Chest Wax-85
  • Eyebrow wax-15
  • Face Wax-55
  • Leg Wax Half-80   Full-160
  • Underarm Wax-45
  • Upperlip Wax-15
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